Fragmented Frequencies April 2017

Do you remember when films used to be interesting, used to be dangerous, challenging or even a little bit wrong? I do, because that time is now – provided you get out of the multiplexes and tear your lips from Marvel’s bloated teat. The best film of the decade is the Greasy Strangler. It’s demented and stupid and really really sweet. It’s a horror movie for the Tim and Eric generation where awkward pauses, bizarre catchphrases and absurd gruesome murders create and endearingly heartfelt world. There’s never been anything else like it. Featuring a cast of idiosyncratic unknowns, aside from Elizabeth De Razzo (Eastbound and Down) there’s an abundance of wrongness, gratuitous absurd nudity and some very surreal humour. Also disco.

The score is remarkable. Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons) has created a strangely innocent carnival style chiptune music. It’s like a Nintendo game mashed with slightly frenetic cartoon music, which would be fine, except for when these heartfelt off-kilter chipmunk vocals appear and it breaks your poor innocent heart. It’s the most ridiculous beautiful music you will ever hear. If Hung released this without the context of the film he would be committed. It’s that good. And of course its been picked up for some kind of candy coloured vinyl edition by Death Waltz. The film has just been released locally by Monster Pictures with a bunch of extras including footage of a bus ride they inexplicably took to Ballarat with stars Sky Elobar and Elizabeth De Razzo. Weird.



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