Fragmented Frequencies February 2017


From Goblin’s excessive near operatic soundtracks for Italian Giallo director Dario Argento (Suspiria) to John Carpenter’s (Escape From New York) synth experiments for his own films to Fabio Frizzi’s peculiarly sinister scores for the likes of Italian schlockmeister Lucio Fulci (Zombie), it’s safe to say that old school horror movie soundtracks are back. Thanks to the likes of Stranger Things and Death Waltz, those old synth scores of the 70’s and 80’s are increasingly being not just reissued, but mined and re imagined by folks like Pye Corner Audio and Repeated Viewer with a distinctively modern spin.

Giallo Disco is a label that focuses on this retro futurism, drawing from Italo Disco, Krautrock, electronic music and those incredible scores from the 70’s and 80’s. It’s run between Berlin and Vienna by Antoni Maiovvi and Vercetti Technicolor; both of whom produce their own take on horror electronics. Giallo Disco album covers are a dead giveaway, they’re nostalgia for a misspent youth, of having the bejesus scared out of you late at night watching way too many slasher films. They’re just about to drop to two new albums, Haex-Hrll (aka DJ Overdose)’s taut futuristic electro saga Further From The Truth, and the bleak cinematic funk of New York based Colombian Fiero’s Modus Operandi EP. Fiero in particular could be coming straight from the 70’s, with a sound somewhere between Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter, like much of Giallo Disco’s roster, it’s a driving synthetic score to an imagined thriller.