Fragmented Frequencies October 2015

Australia is peculiar in that it loves home-grown music right now, but ignores its past. Maybe it’s cultural cringe but we’ll take a reissue of an obscure Chicago deep funk private press over anything that grew here. Allow me to elaborate.
Geoff Krozier creates some of the strangest music you will ever hear. It’s shamanistic outsider spoken word with a broad Australian accent merged post prog synth jams. This ‘high priest of exorcism-rock’ was also 1980’s Sydney magician of the year. Yet Geoff Krozier & The Generator’s Tranceformer will be released in November on UK’s Finders Keepers.

Alan Lee is a vibraphonist who was active from the 1950’s until the early 80’s. He ran the gamut of musical styles, from model to jazz funk fusion to soul jazz, even chamber classical. His music was extraordinarily lyrical and he helmed his own ensembles, even releasing a concept album to The Hobbit, with fellow vibraphonist John Sangster. A compilation, An Australian Jazz Anthology was released this month on UK’s Jazzman label.

Then there’s Australian singer Howard Eynon who will be reissuing So What If I’m Standing In Apricot Jam on UK’s Earth Recordings some 40 years later. Eynon was an actor, who had small parts in The Man From Snowy River and Mad Max. Yet it’s his wacky psychedelic freak folk from his 1974 private press LP that continues to astound. None of these iconic records can find a release at home. I guess we should be grateful that our colonial masters find value in our cultural heritage.


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