Fragmented Frequencies August 2015

Ridiculously prodigious, Daylesford resident David Thrussell keeps releasing incredible work. And if it’s not his own, he’ll even offer ridiculously obscure trainspotter nuggets via his Omni label, such as the jazz noir score for the 1971 Jean Seberg film Kill, by Berto Pisano’s and Jacques Chaumont, or out of print or never been in print Ennio Morricone, such as his improvised experimental music ensemble Gruppo Di Improvisazione Nuova Consonanza’s A Quiet Place in the Country.

Whilst you might know him under his Snog moniker, it’s his darker electronic Black Lung where he’s been most active recently. Last year he released The Great Golden Goal on the German label Ant-Zen, where the second half of the album demonstrated a certain structural freedom, and he’s pursued this approach more aggressively on this month’s Muzak From the Hive Mind. There’s something vaguely reminiscent of Tangerine Dream’s Phaedra, where they were just tooling around trying to work out how to use their instruments. For Thrussell though it’s a spirit of experimentation and a refusal to hemmed in by genres when it comes to structure – something that in this day and age where music seems to be 70% marketing and 30% actual sounds – is pretty much commercial suicide. That said with modular synthesizers becoming the latest musical fetish object maybe he’s not that crazy after all. And if you want further evidence of the death of music in this country, you’ll have to import this album from Germany, as there’s no local distribution.


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