Fragmented Frequencies June 2015


There must be something in the air at the moment, as quality Australian experimental music just keeps coming. Mysterious Melbournian Bleach Boys’ lofi field recordings and electrics evolve into these all encompassing almost triumphant ambient drones. Live she regularly sprawls across the floor, playing multiple cassette players and tweaking electronics. She’s released two extended hypnotic pieces on an extremely limited cassette Yes (Sabbatical), which showcases her unique somewhat low-key approach to experimental music.

Brisbane based Andrew Tuttle; previously known as Anonymeye also has a cassette out, Slowcation (A Guide to Saints), a beguiling suite that straddles sound design and musicality, utilising synthesizers and banjo amongst other disparate instrumentation. It’s a collage of sorts, yet it’s composed with subtlety and grace. There’s even a contribution from Matmos’ MC Schmidt.
Melbourne percussionist is David Evans is probably best known for hitting the skins in This is Your Captain Speaking. Transitions is released on renowned Hungarian field recording and sound art label 3Leaves. He’s constructed what he calls ‘urban field recordings,’ and the results are these highly textural fascinating sounds that blur the boundary between composition and field recordings.

Finally Lawrence English has re released the Peregrine (Room40), his response to J.A Baker’s novel about bird watching. It fascinated English to the extent that he’s handed the book out to friends and fellow musicians for years – even Werner Herzog who now includes it on his film school reading list. The music is dense, filled with drones, density and a certain contemplative stillness.


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