Fragmented Frequencies April 2015

Leafcutter John press image

We haven’t heard from UK experimental producer Leafcutter John since 2006’s remarkable experimental electronic folk album The Forest and The Sea. Since then he’s been constructing modular systems, creating his own software, and birthing handmade light controlled electronic devices all meticulously detailed on Here you can view his numerous projects, and learn how to grow your own contact microphone, make a tin can hydrophone, or a laser microphone. He credits the book Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking with sparking his fascination, and to be fair it’s an incredibly addictive read that will have you circuit bending and soldering oscillators in no time. John is about to release his sixth album Resurrection (Desire Path Recordings), and it’s one of the most remarkable forward thinking musical statements you will hear. Melding voice, electrics, and field recordings, this is equal parts music and sound design, yet it’s endlessly beguiling and ridiculously inventive. Don’t sleep there’s only 500.

Similarly unclassifiable is Melbournian Zulya’s new electronic project. Known primarily for her Children of the Underground ensemble, which offers an exotic amalgamation of Russian roots cabaret and theatrical jazz lullabies, Starship Z is quite a departure, A native of Tatarstan-Udmurtia region of Central Russia, she sings in her unique dialect over some incredible retro futuristic electronics. The album, Kosmostan is a science fiction concept album, produced by Dutch producer OMFO, best known for having a couple of tracks on the Borat soundtrack. There’s even a remix from AtomTM. Feel very confident you’ve never heard anything like this before.