Fragmented Frequencies Nov 2014

In the poorer outer suburbs of Lisbon, a place populated by low cost housing, comprised mostly of immigrants from the former African colonies Angola and Cape Verde, a musical revolution is happening. It’s the second-generation kids who are infusing their parents records collections with electronic music and creating something new and astounding. It’s Afro house music by way of the more traditional music of the region, in particular the percussive elements, combined and spat out through cracked fruity loops to become something new. Mashing genres like Kuduro, Batida, Kizomba and Zouk bass, many of these artists are really starting to push the boundaries of the genres, existing somewhere in the place afro house meets experimental lofi electronica, infusing the weirdness and laugh out loud vocal samples with incredible stuttering grooves, and most importantly bringing the party.

Whilst the likes of Buraka Som Sistema and Batida are probably the best known outside Portugal, it’s the artists who all seemed to be named Fox that feel like they’re offering something new and rawer. DJ Marfox is the spiritual godfather of the scene that has seen the likes of DJ NIgga Fox, DJ Liofox, and Famifox productions, released through local label Principe who curate limited run LP’s. Nigga Fox in particular, still in his early 20’s is responsible for the wonkiest electronic wig outs, and is something of a rising star, with a track apparently picked up by Thom Yorke for a mixtape, and now his EP is impossible to find.


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