Fragmented Frequencies March 2014

Press photo2

“I listen to film music today, and every sound is just so completely rounded off and smooth and over compressed with the same kind of reverb. They record on a million dollar soundstage for a film that’s set somewhere nasty, where you need real grit. They could learn so much by seeing what these lofi recording studios did, like early dub recordings. Stuff where there is rubberiness – adjectives that you don’t get in high end studios.” These are the words of one of the most astounding and precocious musicians never to find distribution in Australia. William Ryan Fritch has served time as a bandleader for Sole (Anticon), released fourth world exotic music under his Vieo Abiungo moniker, and extensively scored documentary film. Last year he produced a majestic score to the Waiting Room, a film that documents 24 hours in the waiting room of an Oakland Hospital.  It was issued on US label Lost Tribe Sound, who have released almost all of his recorded output and it’s fascinating to hear his development. Over the last few years he has moved from strange erratic quasi world music soups of cacophony to highly emotive suites of modern classical to his forthcoming highly idiosyncratic widescreen cinematic folk. In fact he’s just experienced such a musically creative period with a 10 track EP, and two full length albums on the way that Lost Tribe are combining it with downloads of his soundtracks and numerous other extras in a William Ryan Fritch subscription series.  Check for some of the most remarkable music around.




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