Fragmented Frequencies December 2013

2013 has been a year of fetishizing vinyl for any self-respecting material girl (or boy) in a digital world. The upshot has been a tsunami of sleazy old long out of print horror soundtrack reissues. The biggest release of the year was John Carpenter’s 1980 horror The Fog, which almost broke the internet when it dropped, sending the label’s website into meltdown.  The reason? Green and white splattered fetishy vinyl in a classy gatefold.

Death Waltz have long championed Carpenter’s unique electronic soundtracks, having issued no less than six of his scores including the incredible Assault on Precinct 13. But it’s not all class; they’ve also released Fabio Frizzi’s hyper seedy sounds for Italian gore king Lucio Fulci’s, Zombi 2 and New York Ripper. Then there’s Waxworx who’ve offered a lime green Reanimator score, Romero’s Day of The Dead and the soon to drop Rosemary’s Baby. Hail Satan.

The modus operandi for these labels seems to be to hitch yourself to a cult director/ composer, preferably from the late 70’s early 80’s. For example One Way Static have championed Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left and the chilling The Hills Have Eyes. They all offer pre orders which builds anticipation, a mixture of coloured limited edition or variant vinyl, often hiring renowned poster artists to design the covers.

Whether it’s Mondo’s release of Carpenter’s Halloween last month, or Death Waltz’s impending Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me, rest assured if it’s a cult film from the last 4 decades – expect it on vinyl in 2014.

NEIL HAMBURGER, DR EL SUAVO Northcote Social Club 15 December, 2013

“How do you stop Neil Hamburger from molesting your children? Give him a microphone. Okay that’s not fair. It’s Carlos Santana you need to stop from molesting your children and to do so you need to give him a guitar. Or at least that’s according to Neil Hamburger.”

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