Fragmented Frequencies August 13


Prepare yourselves Melbourne because you’re about to enter an experimental music wonderland. It’s just like Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory, except instead of chocolate waterfalls you have trams being used as musical instruments and instead of Oompa Loompas you have pimple faced kids torturing guitars, and coaxing feedback drones out of beaten up fx pedals. And instead of Gene Wilder you have…well no one can replace Gene Wilder.

The centrepiece is the Liquid Architecture festival of sound art. The theme for its 13th year is Sonic City, and there’s a few high profile internationals who’ll be exploring and manipulating the sonic characteristic of our urban environment. Japan’s Toshiya Tsunoda and Haco, will be capturing and amplifying the previously inaudible sonic vibrations of a tram on a round trip between the city and East Brunswick. Later, on election night no less, Spanish field recorder and composer Francisoc Lopez will turn off the lights, blindfold his audience and play Sonopolis, a piece gathered from city skyscrapers. The festival runs from the 29th of August- 14th of September. Check for a full program.

More Talk, Less Action is a series of discussions and performances designed to promote critical discourse on experimental music. Topics include sound art’s relationship with science, live performance, and junk music. It features an intriguing mix of academics and practitioners including instrument builder Rod Cooper, kooky art ensemble Hi-God People, theatre composer Darrin Verhagen, as well as cutting edge performance artist Stelarc.  Whilst last week they digested noise music, this Thursday at West Space it ties in with Liquid Architecture and they discuss the sonic city.




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