GOBLIN perform the Soundtrack to SUSPIRIA – ACMI 2012

Winning the award for the most unexpected tour in recent years are over the top Italian prog rock maestros Goblin, who made a name for themselves via their excessive soundtracks for the likes of Dario Argento and George A Romero in the 1970’s.  They’re responsible for Argento’s golden period and the crowning achievement is of course Suspiria.

The beauty of Suspiria is its hysterical nature. The music comes in loud, in strange inappropriate places, way too excessive for the moment.  The film itself is colourful, outlandish, demented, at times nonsensical and even horribly kitsch, where exposition occurs with the subtlety of a chainsaw. But this heady brew when combined with the insanity of the music creates a strangely hypnotic, slightly woozy effect.

So out comes Goblin to rapturous applause from the sold out audience. From the opening keyboard arpeggio’s it’s on, as this five piece, seated underneath the screen offer up their chiming feverish sounds, and its incredible. They have banks of keys, an epic kit, some kind of bouzouki and bass, and everyone mutters, whispers, and breathes into their mics, “witch.” It’s spooky as hell, suddenly we’re back in the 70’s, their ability to effortlessly tap into the darkness and the fever to reconstruct their iconic score in front of our eyes is a rare kind of gift. Standing ovation.

Bob Baker Fish


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