TIM & ERIC Australian tour – The Forum

Who here likes pantomimes? Or absurd moments of devastating wrongness? Tim and Eric do, the stars of Adult Swim’s Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job, a duo forever in pursuit of the surreal and uncomfortable. And where better to pursue it than Australia?

Who here likes diarrhea? Diarrhea. Diarrhea. Well hopefully most of the Forum, with the duo striding out purposefully, their big bouncy felt balls and bushy pubic hair bouncing bouncily around in front of them.

“Diarrhea.” They sang into their Madonna radio mics. “Diarrhea.” “Diarrhea,” they sang over and over above the kind of rapturous applause that is usually reserves for icons like John Butler or Katy Perry. All your favourites were there. On video. Spaghett popped up from behind some pot plants and scared Eric to death. Killing him. Later Tim refused to show his nipples, breaking up their successful comedy act and vomited on the audience.

The highlight was a Casey and his Brother medley, the musicianship extraordinary. It was lucid and heartfelt with Casey desperate to leave the stage to escape the pain and his brother dressed up as a hamburger. By the time they ended Hot Dogs and Hamburgers by showering the audience with hotdogs, we were inconsolable. Even the happy strains of Midnight Oils Beds are Burning couldn’t cheer us up. “Thank you for coming to our show,” they duetted with Peter Garret. Diarrhea.

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