Pimmon – The Oansome Orbit (Room40)

Electronic experimental artist Pimmon has been renowned as one of Australia’s premier sonic adventurers over the last decade with releases on Kid606’s Tigerbeat6, Ritornell, Sirr, Cronica, Meme, Preservation and numerous other labels around the world. No two albums sound the same as Pimmon restlessly chases textures, harnessing his electronics and field recordings into new wholly immersive sound worlds.

2009’s Smudge another Yesterday was an abstracted journey through sonic terrain and the Oansome Orbit continues in a similar vein. He appears to be working with loops of differing lengths, allowing them to come in and out of sync, building a density of texture, yet also building these gentle melodic moments within the music.

There’s no easy fit narrative to place across this album, it can be gentle, whimsical, and melodic, yet it can also develop into a roaring, ferocious and aggressive noise. It’s complex, even the gentle moments are highly textural with multiple strange layers of sonics, bubbling around. It demonstrates the care Pimmon has taken to construct the music. Everything has a place; the sounds build and fall away. It’ s all carefully composed, carefully controlled.

There’s a real beauty here, not just in the timbre of the sounds, but also in the sheer joy the Pimmon has in manipulating these textures. It’s the kind of music that gives experimental music a good name, sound that’s complex, textural and strange enough to fire up the interest, yet warm and melodic enough to tap straight into the emotions.


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