Mystery Twin (Sensory Projects)

With two gorgeous near ambient releases from Panoptique Electrical, the solo project from Jason Sweeney from electronic shoegazers Pretty Boy Crossover in the last few years, you could be forgiven for wondering whatever happened to the other dude. Particularly with no new Pretty Boy Crossover album for a while. Well Mystery Twin is the other dude, Cailan Burns. It’s an album that he labored over on and off for eight years and it bears the mark of patience yet also the freedom of taking his time. There is no hurry in this music, no corners cut, it evolves slowly, it’s a whole album, much more than simply a collection of tracks.

It comes from an electronic world, many of the ingredients are processed, particularly beats, however real instrumentation does appear, guitar, keys, voice, but everything is melded together in this really beguiling earthy organic mass. It’s really quite understated, the gentleness and subtlety of the music put it in real danger of being overlooked, however there are these deep melodic threads coursing through the tunes and that’s where the key, and the heart of this music lies. It’s really difficult to describe, there’s a certain dreamy sense of wonder to the music, his wife Yoshie provides some vocals in Japanese, Cornel Wilczek (QUA) and John Lee (Mountains In The Sky) help out. It’s a kind of dreamy shimmering poptronica. Some tracks possess more of an ambient swirl, but in the main we’re talking beats with these affecting melodic flourishes throughout. Burns has also gone to town with his self penned artwork, these curious psychedelic creatures that are as much a world unto themselves as his music. There’s even a pullout poster. This package may have taken eight years but when you get results this refined and interesting it’s well worth the wait.

Bob Baker Fish


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