A Band Called Life/ LCD – Sunshine and Grease

Sunshine and Grease is a gallery space and record store with a decidedly experimental bent. On this chilly thursday night we’re knee deep in the Melbourne underground, a place where weirdness and stupidity call home.

What’s so refreshing is that these two bands aren’t your earnest chin stroking experimental artists who treat their knob twiddling with the gravity of a UN tribunal on human rights. Instead both have a firm handle on the absurdity of their actions. And this makes it fun.

First up A Band Called Life, a duo, one masked, the other wearing a ‘pop it like it’s hot,’ t-shirt. They have a casio keyboard, cymbal, laptop, and cassette player and they use them scattered like medicated pre schoolers with syndromes. Over this mess they recite nonsensical poetry, often with different texts at the same time. “I’m really enjoying saying things into the microphone between songs,” offers the t-shirt as they trade in jokes with the audience. One exuberant lass telling the tale of her friend who dreamt she slept with her grandfather. “But it was only because he had just died.” The only time this band can make sense is when you’ve got the flu, you’re whole body aches, it’s 3am you’re desperate for sleep and your eyes hurt. They’re unbelievably terrible, but very very funny.

LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) are the best noise band in Melbourne. They’re ridiculous, with a table full of electronics, bowed electric guitar no input feeding back mixing board, a couple of synths, not to mention their mason cards and dice, this duo do absurdity with flair. Dressed in matching aprons and chipmunk punk LP covers on their heads they hand out propaganda pamphlets, and gesture importantly to each other over this bizarre creeping drone music that quietly ascends into difficult pitches and noisy madness. You get the sense that their interplay is nonsense and you hope it is, but you never know. It’s their 10th anniversary show. They haven’t played in 2 years. It’s a crime. Experimental music needs them.

Bob Baker Fish


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